Do your salaries measure up?

Compensation benchmarking is critical to attract and retain high calibre staff – here’s a snapshot of what you will receive in your report:

  • A – Z job families – from entry level to ED/CEO
  • Broad range of statistics – 10th to 90th Percentile; Base salary, Bonus and Total cash compensation
  • A comprehensive list of HR Programs Reports including, Annual Bonus Plans, Pensions & RRSPs etc.  Check out our brochure for all of the details!
  • Data segmented by type of NFP and by Operating Budget
  • Simple easy to understand format with supporting job and level descriptions
  • Unlimited submission and interpretation support from Compensation professionals
  • See our NFPay Sample Data from the 2018 Report

NFPay is an affordable and relevant salary survey that should be part of your Human Resources toolkit!  Custom surveys can cost in the tens of thousands!

The deadline for 2020 submissions is May 1st.

Results will be published on June 1st, 2020.

Operating Budget Price
Up to $1 Million $150
> $1 – $5 Million $250
> $5 – $10 Million $350
> $10 – $ 50 Million $450
> $50 Million $550

Let us know if there are any new jobs that you would like us to add the NFPay survey!

For more information, please contact Suzanne Harrison at or 1-877-848-0499 ext 104; local 613-882-5775 or Lynn Cameron at or 1-877-848-0499 ext 102; local 613-794-7166.

Spending too much benchmarking with peer organizations?