Do Your Salaries
Measure Up?

Access salary data when
you need it.

Do Your Benefits
Stack Up?

Tailored employee benefit plan recommendations.

Tech Edge

Tech Salary Data

National salary data for
organizations who depend
on Tech skills.


NFPay Survey

Relevant and affordable
salary data for the
Not-for-Profit Sector.



Get tailored employee benefit plan recommendations, shop quotes, and purchase the best benefits for your team!


Communitech Benefit

Data that sheds light on compensation, recruitment & retention policies in the Waterloo Region.


AO Benefit

Accelerate Okanaganhas teamed up with BenchMarket to offer tech data insights to the Okanagan Region and across the country.


VIATEC Members

BenchMarket provides an offer to all VIATEC Members for an introduction to local tech data.


Invest Ottawa Benefit

Invest Ottawa has teamed up with BenchMarket to offer all newcomer companies an introduction to local tech data


BenchMarket’s new Rewards Coaching Model is revolutionary for smaller organizations!

BenchMarket consultants work closely with clients to develop compensation-related HR Programs. We have expertise in the following areas:

Compensation Strategy
Job Definition and Evaluation
Competency Frameworks
Pay Equity

Salary Management Programs
Bonus Plans
Sales Incentive Plans
Performance Management Programs


Our BenchMarket Formula has a proven track record and can be applied to any industry.

Our balance of market data expertise with our hands-on consulting support has armed us with a great deal of insight into the best ways to support our clients in creative and affordable ways.  We have big plans to adopt this same formula with all of our new clients from new and evolving sectors and regions!

Our clients enjoy the competitive advantage and confidence of knowing that they are:

  • Hiring & promoting at the right salary
  • Spending their annual salary budget effectively
  • Designing the right pay programs that drive the right behaviours and results!