Rewards Coach

BenchMarket’s new Rewards Couching Model is revolutionary for smaller organizations.

Need a Rewards Coach?

Are you struggling with compensation and rewards challenges, want a better way of managing pay, but hesitating to hire a traditional consultant? BenchMarket’s new Rewards Couching Model is revolutionary for smaller organizations.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Develop your own world class rewards program, leveraging proven processes and seasoned experts
  • Build in-house knowledge and capacity around rewards management
  • Integration with other HR processes, like recruitment and performance management
  • Use helpful templates and tools to speed up design and implementation
  • Tailor hands-on learning and growth opportunities for HR practitioners
  • Save money – leverage your own staff and build internal knowledge – saving on consultants in the long term

How it works – Whatever your struggles or objectives your Rewards Coach will:

  • Assess the scope of the project
  • Work with you to define the detailed project plan
  • Walk  you through the development process, step by step
  • Provide templates and tools to support the process and help define design elements
  • Schedule regular touch points to keep the process moving
  • Teach you about compensation management within the context of your own environment
  • Help you identify specific issues along the way, ensuring pay equity compliance and competitive considerations
  • Challenge your thinking and advice where appropriate
  • Help you connect the dots to deliver a comprehensive rewards program that can be integrated with your other HR Processes

If you are struggling with compensation and rewards challenges, and you want to build the depth of in-house HR expertise, have enthusiastic and engaged HR practitioners who want to expand their knowledge, and want a more value-added approach than traditional consulting, please reach out – we’d love to hear from you!

About BenchMarket

BenchMarket’s new Rewards Coaching Model is revolutionary for smaller organizations!

The Team

BenchMarket Partners Lynn Cameron and Suzanne Harrison each bring more than 25 years of experience in the field of Human Resources and Compensation.  Senior Consultant and Co-Founder of BenchMarket, Helen Robert is a seasoned Compensation Consultant with an outstanding record in Compensation and Rewards.

Our extensive experience within the Canadian, North American and Global Technology environments, and as trusted advisors to more than 350 clients, provides valuable insight to the HR challenges faced by organizations today. The TechEdge survey, established in September 2000, provides benchmark data for more than 500 jobs and comprehensive trend research in the area of Compensation Practices in Canada.  Our clients depend on us to be their primary benchmarking resource and subject matter experts to help them establish competitive compensation structures and make confident, defensible compensation decisions.

Our professional and management experience provides our partnerships with an expert understanding of skills and compensation issues facing Canadian organizations.

About BenchMarket

Lynn Cameron’s experience includes various advisory and management roles with Newbridge Networks Corporation (now Nokia), and as a trusted BenchMarket consultant to many organizations and associations across Ontario. Lynn’s focus over the past few years has been to create alliances and partnerships to further the value of products and services. Lynn holds a Business Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and a CCP designation. Lynn’s background includes specialized expertise in Compensation and Rewards, and HR Systems.

Contact Lynn at: 1-877-848-0499, ext 102, or by email at

Suzanne Harrison has an extensive Human Resource background in both the private and public sector, with specialization in compensation, research, analysis, facilitation and training.  Since joining Benchmarket as an associate in 2015 and becoming a partner in 2017, Suzanne brings a fresh perspective and new opportunities to grow our flagship surveys TechEdge and NFPay while providing clients with trusted and practical advice.  Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Industrial Relations from Queen’s University.

Contact Suzanne at: 1-877-848-0499, ext 104, or by email at

Helen Robert’s experience includes various advisory and management roles with Mitel Corporation, and as a trusted BenchMarket consultant to many organizations across Ontario. Helen holds a Business Degree from the University of Ottawa and a CCP designation. She served as the founding President of the Ottawa Region Rewards Association. Helen’s background includes specialized expertise in Compensation and Rewards, and Performance Management. She served on the Board of Directors at the Dovercourt Recreation Association in Ottawa, and now volunteers as a Facilitator and Patient Advocate with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute’s Women@Heart Program.

Contact Helen at: 1-877-848-0499, ext 101, or by email at

BenchMarket consultants work closely with clients to develop compensation-related HR Programs. We have expertise in the following areas:

Compensation Strategy
Establishing Job Requirements
Competency Frameworks
Pay Equity

Salary Management Programs
Designing Bonus Plans
Sales Incentive Plans
Performance Management Programs