Need a Rewards Coach?

Are you struggling with compensation and rewards challenges, want a better way of managing pay, but hesitating to hire a traditional consultant? BenchMarket’s new Rewards Coaching Model is revolutionary for smaller organizations!

Benefits include:

  • Develop your own world class rewards program, leveraging proven processes and seasoned experts
  • Build in-house knowledge and capacity around rewards management
  • Integration with other HR processes, like recruitment and performance management
  • Use helpful templates and tools to speed up design and implementation
  • Tailor hands-on learning and growth opportunities for HR practitioners
  • Save money – leverage your own staff and build internal knowledge – saving on consultants in the long term

How it Works

Whatever your struggles or objectives, your Rewards Coach will:

  • Assess the scope of the project
  • Work with you to define the detailed project plan
  • Walk you through the development process, step by step
  • Provide templates and tools to support the process and help define design elements
  • Schedule regular touch points to keep the process moving
  • Teach you about compensation management within the context of your own environment
  • Help you identify specific issues along the way, ensuring pay equity compliance and competitive considerations
  • Challenge your thinking, and advise where appropriate
  • Help you connect the dots to deliver a comprehensive rewards program that can be integrated with your other HR Processes

If you are struggling with compensation and rewards challenges, and you want to build the depth of in-house HR expertise, have enthusiastic and engaged HR practitioners who want to expand their knowledge, and want a more value-added approach than traditional consulting, please reach out – we’d love to hear from you!