Accurate, local, technology data to help guide your talent strategy.  Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

BenchMarket along with our friends at Communitech are on a mission to gather and provide focused Canadian technology data, that will shed light on compensation, recruitment, and retention policies in the Waterloo Region.


The May 2022 Report is now available. Our next report will be published in November 2022.

We are now collecting data for our Fall 2022 edition of the survey.  Click the order button and you will have access to the submission portal.  Once you have submitted your data you will have access to the May 2022 edition.  Each membership includes both a spring (May) and fall (Nov) salary survey report along with all of our annual HR Programs reports.

The reports include:

  1. Defined salary and roles by tech job levels and job families
  2. Stock options, bonus and incentives, vacation, health and wellness, COVID-19 impact, and more.
  3. Standard career path progressions (Entry to CEO)

All Communitech Members that are Headquartered or have a Canadian subsidiary in the Kitchener/Waterloo region, Hamilton, and the GTA are welcome to participate and sign up for our survey.  Don’t forget, this includes access to our Annual Salary Increase and Student Programs Surveys!

Please feel free to reach out to today if you have any questions.  We are happy to assist you every step of the way.


# Global Employees 2 Survey Reports/Membership Regular Price
Up to 10 Click here to contact  $600
11-50 $500 $1000
51-150 $750 $1800+
151-350 $1000 $2400+
351-500 $1500 $3000
Over 500 $2000 $4000

We are happy to help.

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