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BenchMarket is building Canada’s first comprehensive Technology Compensation Survey!

Here we GROW again!  With over 260 participants from across Canada and 30,000+ database.  The growth of our BC data has propelled us into National status.  Our Greater Toronto, Waterloo and National Capital Regions have seen significant growth too!  Our sights are set on Alberta and the Atlantic provinces as we partner with more Tech Associations across Canada!

Comprehensive means that our reports don’t just include the big players that pay top rates, but organizations of all types, scales and geographies in one solid survey report, to give you the complete landscape of your competition. 

We welcome Accelerate Okanagan to our list of partners!  

Hot off the presses – check out our Fall 2023 TechEdge edition!   

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Important TechEdge Dates for our Spring 2024 Edition!
Submission Deadline: April 19th, 2024
Publication date: May 21st, 2024

# Global Employees 2 SURVEY REPORTS/Membership
Up to 20 $600
21-50 $1000
51-100 $1800
101-200 $2400
201-500 $3000
Over 500 $4000

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