Why Gigs Work!

 In Reward Coaching

At BenchMarket, we are on-demand workers offering highly skilled professional guidance to organizations, as needed, without a long term commitment. An article recently published by Eddie Lou: According to Eddie, 40% of the US workforce is now independent, working gigs for a variety of reasons and it can be very rewarding for the workers as well.

The comments on the article were mixed – some feel it’s a bad thing for workers and for business. Although employers save money, they get no “loyalty” from their workers. For workers, they get no loyalty either and can’t make ends meet.

While not everyone finds themselves in these circumstances by choice, BenchMarket pursued this model, long before it was a “thing”. It has honestly been the best leap of faith we have ever taken!


For on-demand workers, the top benefits are strangely aligned with things proven to retain and motivate employees:

  • Personal growth. Learn so much more than you ever could in one company – get new and exciting challenges every few weeks
  • Relevant and interesting work. Work on projects that align with your expertise and interests – no “other related duties”!
  • A diversified income stream. No handcuffs, for either the worker or the employer.
  • Building relationships. Working with new people allows deep, diverse relationships to without the pain of superficial networking.
  • Flexibility. Your day, your way – Take Friday off, get outside on a sunny afternoon. No problem!
  • Choose your own boss. Bad boss? Boring work? Good news! It’s only temporary 🙂


Working this way isn’t for everyone. There are some big responsibilities that will drive a positive “on-demand” experience. The key among these is:

  1. ALWAYS be at the top of your game – You are hired to make a difference so plan to work hard!
  2. Learn quickly, and adapt – to different approaches, philosophies and styles, often at the same time.
  3. Be creative – apply the skills you learn and find ways to differentiate yourself from others.
  4. Be comfortable with ups and downs – plan financially to survive the downs
  5. Have faith in yourself!

If the responsibilities don’t scare you, there can be no better way to work!

To learn more about how BenchMarket operates – check us out at https://benchmarket.ca