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Travel Insurance

We thank Michael Horne for contributing this timely information for vacation season – reach out to him anytime for more information on this or any other benefits questions you may have!


When packing the bathing suit and the sun block, you should always remember to pack your

emergency travel card. In the event of a medical emergency, it is important to call the toll-free

number indicated on your card. The assistance company will begin a file for you and provide you or

a member of your family with help in arranging for the appropriate medical care, verify insurance

coverage and arrange for travel assistance such as a return flight, hotel accommodation and vehicle

return. Some assistance companies will also aid in providing advance payment subject to the

insurer’s approval. Note that you are responsible for arranging payment with all providers,

although some will allow you to assign the insurance benefits in place of full payment.


When you return home, claims should be submitted to the insurer along with all original receipts; a

copy should be kept on file. In most cases, the insurer will coordinate payment with the provincial

health care plan; however, failure to contact the assistance company at the time of the incident may

result in having to file a claim with the province as well. We also suggest that you contact the

provincial health care plan prior to leaving the country, as limitations may be in force on the length

of coverage or the time available to submit claims. Your group travel benefit may also include a

maximum on the number of days coverage will be extended, please refer to your employee booklet

or master contract for further details.

If additional insurance is required as a result of these limitations, Meldrum Horne & Associates can help. For more information please contact

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